This is my new go to place for yarn! When I went, I wasn't too sure of what size needles I should use and I couldn't find any help online. The nice gentleman there helped me pick out my yarn fabric, colors, and needles! YAY FOR FINE CUSTOMER SERVICE~ He wound up several skeins of yarn for me to get started too. :) The next time I went there to get my second batch of yarn, this nice lady helped me pick out more colors! There was this one color I wanted but they didn't have enough of them so I was able to preorder in bulk. She informed me that there may be small variations in color from bulk to bulk but I ordered anyways because the color was just so beautiful. I got a call the other day that my order came in so I'm going to go out soon to pick them up. I really love this store and would definitely recommend to others.
Friendly staff, super helpful to answer all kinds of questions. Yarn selection is diverse - some can be a bit pricey, but there's nothing quite like knitting with higher quality yarn that feels delicious and looks beautiful. Highly recommend!
Good supply of yarn and supplies. They moved from Ho-ho-kus to Wykoff.
Second time visiting, both times as part of the NJ Wool Walk. This is the first time at the new location. Either way, positive memories of the staff and supplies on hand. My partner and I felt welcomed by the staff and conversation came easily. Yarns aren't the only warmth found here.
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Warm, friendly staff, always available for knitting help and advice. The most marvelous selection of yarns!